Anime Happy Hour


Let’s chat about anime! We are a family of anime enthusiasts: John Fragglepuss Evans, Lindsay Evans-Starke, Breanne Evans, and Brittany Evans. We spent so much time sitting around the table drinking and talking about anime we figured, why not record it? So grab a drink and give us a listen.

Anime Happy Hour on YouTube

Anime Happy Hour on Facebook


Episode 14 – Anime Banzai 2016


Episode 12 – FanX Latest and Greatest in Anime 2016


Episode 11 – AMV (Anime Music Videos)


Episode 9 – Studio Ghibli


Episode 8 – The Latest and Greatest in Anime, Salt Lake Comic Con 2015


Episode 7 – Epic Battles in Anime


Episode 6 – Romance Anime


Episode 5 – Cliches and Tropes in Anime


Episode 4 – Strong Females in Anime


Episode 3 – Sports Anime


Episode 2 – Our Favorite Anime


Episode 1 – Horror Anime and Intro to Anime Happy Hour

Anime Happy Hour loves Closet Geek Studios, which includes several geeky podcasts, most notably The Closet Geek. The Closet Geek boasts itself as, “Four brothers combining their geek powers to become The Four Horsemen of Geek! To bring you the latest Geeky news”.

The Closet Geek 02

Closet Geek Studios Home Page


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