Fragglepuss Anime Review 302: BNA


Review by: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Action, Super Power, Fantasy, Beast Utopia

First Aired: Spring 2020, 12 episodes

Summary: Throughout history, humans have been at odds with Beastmen, a species able to change shape at will due to their “Beast Factor”. The humans control the world and have forced the Beastmen into hiding. Anima City is a safe haven for the Beastmen to live without having to hide. Michiru Kagemori is unique because she was a human who suddenly turned into a tanuki. Upon discovering she is a Beastman, Michiru flees to Anima City during its 10th anniversary of becoming a city. She quickly realizes the city is the sanctuary she thought it was. She witnesses an explosion in the square and is confronted by Shirou Ogami, a the wolf protector of the Beastmen. Shirou helps her realize she is not an ordinary Beastman. She has to go on a journey of discovery to learn the secrets of her past and who she really is.

The first thing I noticed during BNA is the intriguing world-building. I like the idea of Anima City, a sanctuary for Beastmen. The Beastmen are also interesting, with their unique appearances and abilities. I enjoyed watching Michiru’s journey of discovery as she navigated through the unknown. The battle scenes are high energy and the animation is pleasing to the eye.

You might enjoy this if: You are ready for an anime version of X-Men. The description sounds like X-Men, and that is truly what it is. The Beastmen are persecuted because the humans are scared of their superior abilities.

You might not like it if: You are over anime with every character possessing some sort of special ability.

Similar Anime: Aggretsuko, Beastars, Dorohedoro, Elfen Lied, Land of the Lustrous, Tokyo Ghoul

Note to the Viewer: BNA stands for “Brand New Animal”. It is a fitting title for the series if you ask me.

BNA Official Trailer – English Dub

AMV – Animals by AMVs Studios

(Warning, this contains AMV-related spoilers)

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