Fragglepuss Anime Review 243: Cells at Work / Hataraku Saibou

Cells at Work / Hataraku Saibou

Review by: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Comedy, Educational, Body

First Aired: Summer 2018, 13 episodes

Summary: This story takes place inside the human body with the trillions of anthropomorphic cells that work tirelessly to ensure the body runs in perfect rhythm. The star of the show is AE3803, a rookie red blood cell that is constantly getting lost with her oxygen deliveries. The white blood cell U-1146 is another important character in the way he fights invading germs and bacteria.

For a series that seems like a silly idea, Cells at Work is surprisingly fun and educational. Each episode focuses on a different event affecting the body, from influenza to food poisoning. I particularly enjoyed the pollen allergy episode. I have all sorts of allergies, so it was fascinating to witness what’s happening inside my body every time I’m around animals. I should really be careful, they are freaking out in there. Histamine everywhere! The show obviously takes liberties in its explanations and depictions of the human body, but it real good overall. The T Cells are a quirky set of characters and the platelets are just flat out adorable.

You might enjoy this if: You used to watch the Magic School Bus and think, “I wonder what this show would be like as an anime”.

You might not like it if: Blood makes you squeamish. This series is full of it!

Similar Series: Silver Spoon, Comical Psychosomatic Medicine, One Punch Man, Moyasimon, New Game

Note to the Viewer: Be prepared to pause the show if you want to learn all about how the human body functions. Every episode is full of descriptions that pop up on the screen explaining what’s happening.

Cells at Work Opening

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