Fragglepuss Anime Review 236: Miss Monochrome: The Animation

Miss Monochrome: The Animation

Review by: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Music, Vocaloid

First Aired: Fall 2013, 13 short-form episodes

Summary: Miss Monochrome lives in a castle. No one knows why she lives there or how long she’s been the occupant. She dislikes all shades of color and dreams about changing the whole world into black and white. An unfortunate incident leaves Monochrome without any money and kicked out of her castle. She’s on her own to find a new place to live and a manager to support her idol career. She will have to start from the bottom, but Monochrome is an android that’s willing to do whatever it takes to become a top idol!

Miss Monochrome is a fun character in a fun show. She’s an android unfamiliar with human customs that is seeking popularity. The results are great. There’s one episode where she’s attempting to make a nendoroid of herself and constantly fails in hilarious ways. She’s willing to put in the work to become popular, but nothing seems to go her way. The series is quick and easy, so if you are enjoying the show there’s a few more seasons out there to watch.

You might enjoy this if: You are a vocaloid fan that wants to know more about your favorite idols. Think similar to Hatsune Miku. Miss Monochrome has several songs out so feel free to give her a listen!

You might not like it if: J-Pop is not your style.

Similar Series: Watamote, SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation, Detroit Metal City, Fuuka, K-On, Sekko Boys

Note to the Viewer: The character “Miss Monochrome” was created by seiyu Horie Yui to accompany her songs at the concert, “Horie Yiu wo Meguru Bouken III -Secret Mission Tour”. The anime came afterwards.

Poker Face – Miss Monochrome

(This is the song for the end credits, which was also released in Japan as a Miss Monochrome single. Don’t worry though, the animation in the series isn’t the same as the CG animation in this video)

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