Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018

Mountain America Expo Center

Salt Lake City, Utah

Friday July 6th – Saturday July 7th, 2018

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Another year another Salt Lake Gaming Con (SLGC)! Guests at this year’s convention included: Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario), Christopher Judge, Danielle Bisutti, Jeremy Davies, Robert Craighead, Patricia Summersett, Elizabeth Maxwell, Andi Gibson, Bill Rogers, Jamie Mortellaro, Joe Hernandez, Chloe Hollings, Victoria Atkin, Grant Thompson, Jason Charles Miller, Jason Hayes, Missy Mayhem, and Zabracus.

The gaming features are always a convention highlight, which included: cosplay, tournaments, panels, the board game library, free-to-play consoles, card games, tabletop gaming, handheld lounge, ICE tournaments, Artist Alley, vendor floor, Kart Racing, pinball arcade, LEGO area, and “The Zone” Youth Area. It’s fun to watch the tournaments, from Super Smash Bros to League of Legends. The ICE tournament that took place at the con is a collegiate invitational tournament that included teams from the intermountain area. Some of the other tournaments included: Fortnite, Street Fighter, Rocket League, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Mario Kart, and Pinball.

I have enjoyed Salt Lake Gaming Con since its inaugural year in 2015. It is always an entertaining experience. It is apparent they strive to constantly improve the con. If you are ready to immerse yourself in gaming and be a part of the gaming community, this is the convention for you.

Photos courtesy of Breanne Evans. Feel free to share photos, but please give credit to

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  1. Delightfully my man says:

    Excellent review. As a viewer of the con my self I felt it has gotten better every year as well . Thanks for the review.


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