Fragglepuss Anime Review 164: All Out!!

All Out!!

Review by: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: School, Sports, Seinen, Rugby

First Aired: Fall 2016, 25 episodes

Summary: It’s the beginning of the school year at Kanagawa High School. Kenji Gion is a fresh-faced first year student with a chip on his shoulder. Gion has always been smaller than his classmates and been teased, causing the anger and frustration to build over the years. It the start of the school year as Gion meets Iwashimizu, a fellow first year that played rugby at a younger age. The two chat about the sport which immediately appeals to Gion to be able to express himself as being strong despite his small stature. Chance has it that their school has a ragtag rugby club full of colorful characters. The team is full of unique personalities but it’s up to everyone to join as one to be the best squad they can.

I was surprised and intrigued to see a rugby anime being produced, but if Japan can create an entertaining anime of American football, they can surely go all out on this. The classic sports anime elements are present, such as the naïve spectators and new players that need to have the basics of the game explained. Luckily there are always teammates and coaches available to teach the intricacies of the sport. I enjoy it because I’m not overly familiar with rugby so I welcome an explanation to the field positions and strategy. Did you know that traditional rugby is played with 15 players on each team, separated into “forwards” and “backs”?

The story is decent for a sports anime and the art is nothing spectacular. My enjoyment of the series came largely from the team, how the players had to learn to work together and the adventure they went on. After all, rugby is not an individual sport, it’s up to the entire team to work together toward their goal of victory!

You might enjoy this if: You’re a sports anime type of person. All Out isn’t as over-the-top as Kuroko’s Basketball, it provides a more realistic take on sports…Besides the extreme amount of muscle on every player’s body of course.

You might not like it if: The idea of a Knock-on and getting into a scrum with a rugby anime is something you’d rather avoid.

Similar Series: Free, Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu, Baby Steps

Note to the Viewer: The All Out anime series is written by Masahiro Yokotani. Some of his works include: The Devil is a Part-Timer, both seasons of Free, Shimoneta, and Re: Zero.

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3 Responses to Fragglepuss Anime Review 164: All Out!!

  1. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    I do enjoy this anime. I guess cause it’s sports


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