Fragglepuss Anime Review 159: Ben-To



Review by: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Comedy, Ecchi, Food

First Aired: Fall 2011, 12 episodes

Summary: Sato is a seemingly normal high school boy with a low budget. One night he awakes in a daze, unsure of his location or how he got there. Come to find out he had been attempting to buy a half-price bento and was pummeled in the process. Turns out discounted bentos are highly sought after, resulting in a whole network of brawlers going to battle as soon as the god of discounts places a half-price sticker on the container. Sato joins the bento club at his school and quickly learns to intensity of bento battles. Inexperienced food fighters, known as “Dogs”, are lucky to get the scraps. Sato will need to work with some of the best bento brawlers, such as the “Ice Witch”, to become a wolf.

Ben-To is as ridiculous as it sounds. Part of what makes it so enjoyable is the naming of the individuals and groups. Whether it’s the Ice Witch, the Lady of the Lake, the Hunting Dogs, or the Boar, everybody and everything in the community has a name. Different groups visit various stores on any given night, so you never know who you’ll be battling for the coveted laurel wreath seal. Maybe enemies will have to team up against a common thug to be victorious at the Hokey Mart. There are only a few unspoken rules to obtaining discount bento: 1- Every brawler must remain clear of the bento case until the god of discounts has placed the stickers and left the room. 2- Once an individual has a bento in hand they are victorious and their bento cannot be stolen. 3- Each individual may only take one bento, as to not be greedy. 4- Bentos must never be spilled.

You might enjoy this if: You love discounts and savings so much you’re willing to go to war for them.

You might not like it if: You are bothered by inconsistencies in animation. There are a few instances where it’s pretty bad. There’s also a lot of fan service, so you’ve been warned.

Similar Series: Food Wars, Kill la Kill, Highschool of the Dead, Dagashi Kashi

Note to the Viewer: I am usually indifferent to the Sub vs Dub debate, taking the side of watching whichever way you prefer. However, I recommend avoiding the Ben-To dub. The translation is unusual at times and the voices do not fit the characters. It’s mainly high school students but they sound like they’re all middle-aged. Just watch the subtitled version of the series to avoid the awkwardness of it all.

AMV – Kritikal Overstrike by Cenit



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