Fragglepuss Anime Review 112: Tribe Cool Crew


Tribe Cool Crew

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Music, School, Coming-of-Age Dancing

First Aired: Fall 2014, 50 episodes

Summary: The protagonist Haneru is a middle school student who loves dancing. In every moment of down time he is finding a way to dance or he is thinking about dancing. One day after school, Haneru meets Kanon, who practices dancing at the same building he does. The two share their joy of dancing and teach each other all sorts of special moves.

The two main characters in Tribe Cool Crew, Haneru and Kanon, complement each other well with their contrasting personalities. Haneru is an extravert while Kanon is an introvert. Haneru acts first and thinks later while Kanon gets pulled into Haneru’s crazy schemes. The two quickly become friends due to their shared love of dancing. When they are not practicing their moves they are getting into all sorts of adventures, whether it is concealing their identity or going head-to-head in a dance battle with an opposing dance crew. The animation in the dance scenes is interesting. It changes into an art style that is clearly digitally animated, while the non-dance scenes are more subtle. One last note, Tribe Cool Crew is suited for a younger audience, with the only types of battles being “dance battles”.

You might enjoy this if: You are searching for some new moves to add to your dance library.

You might not like it if: You want the “B”s (Blood, Boobs, Butts, Blades). This anime has none of these.

Note to the Viewer: There is no ending theme in the Tribe Cool Crew episodes. All of the credits are incorporated into the opening.

Tribe Cool Crew Dance Battle

This is only a sample of the high-energy dancing you’ll see throughout the series!



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