Fragglepuss Anime Review 104: Actually, I Am / Jitsu wa Watashi wa


Actually, I Am / Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School, Vampire

First Aired: Summer 2015, 13 episodes

Summary: Kuromine Asahi is a seemingly normal high school boy with a major flaw, he cannot keep a secret to save his life. His friends and classmates are all aware of his loud mouth and avoid bringing up sensitive information around him. His reputation has made it so he is often the last to know the latest gossip. On a day like any other he decides to confess his love to his secret crush Shiragami Youko before leaving school. As he enters the classroom, he discovers Youko is actually a vampire! Will Asahi be able to keep such an important secret?

“Actually, I Am” is an enjoyable series that combines the light side of everyday high school life with the unknown of the supernatural. Asahi’s life is turned upside down when he is entrusted with such a critical secret, one that cannot be found out by anyone else. Of course though, where there is a secret to be found out, people are snooping around, trying to understand the reasoning behind Asahi’s change in demeanor. The series becomes increasingly fun to watch as more characters are introduced and each character seems to have their own secret they are hiding from the world. While there are several female characters with supernatural abilities and unique traits, this is not as much of a harem as you would think.

You might enjoy this if: You are looking for a high school anime with a supernatural twist. “Actually, I Am” reminds me of a light version of Rosario + Vampire. There’s less focus on the harem and not as much action in “Actually”.

You might not like it if: You need a change of pace and want an anime that is set outside of high school.

Note to the Viewer: Sometimes the series is also referred to as “My Monster Secret”, which is a pretty clever play on words if you ask me.

AMV – Actually I Am AMV – Atmosphere by AMV Senpai

(Warning, the AMV contains minor spoilers, nothing crazy though)



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