Review of Anime Expo 2015, Day 3


Anime Expo 2015

Los Angeles, California

Day 3, Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Day three of Anime Expo consisted of a considerable amount of con wondering, AKA checking out cosplay, the Exhibit Hall, Artist’s Alley, Entertainment Hall, and a whole medley of con activities. I was able to check out the tabletop gaming area, which was being utilized by all manner of game, from board game to card game. The video game area was also being utilized by many gamers, from Street Fighter to Super Smash Bros. I was glad to witness Mr. Game & Watch, my favorite Smash character, in fierce competition.

The con wondering also landed me in the AMV Room for quite a bit of time. Between day two and three I spent a few hours in this room, which for me was a great room that I have not found in other conventions. I enjoyed the AMV Room because it provided themes for the AMVs, such as Femmes with Firearms, Comedy on the Edge 18+, All the Feels, Now That’s Comedy!, and AMV Hell.

I was not able to go to the Maid and Butler Café during Anime Expo, but I want to let you know they were available. Another event I was not able to attend were the concerts and the dances. They happened nightly, but I did not but tickets for the concerts and was attending other events so that I was unable to attend the dances. I was able to utilize the shuttle service provided by the convention, which appeared to run smoothly throughout the convention. There was even a bus wrapped with an anime “Shall we Date?” wrap.


Anime Expo provided a wonderful selection of guests for the 2015 convention, including: Industry personnel premiering new anime, voice actors in Q&A panels, and professional cosplayers.

I had been warned about the infamous LineCon on many occasions prior to attending Anime Expo. The convention has taken a large stride toward getting rid of that stigma by making badge pick-up quick and painless. However, the convention itself was still full of lines in every shape and form, many of which began to form hours before a panel was set to begin. I realize lines are an essential part of every convention, but it was unusual that attendees were lined up for so long, especially when a lot of the panels did not fill up.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well organized the convention was, considering the high number of attendees. There were always activities to take part in, areas of the convention to explore, and places to relax when you needed a break. There was a large assortment of activities for all types of geeks to take part in, regardless of what kind of nerdy stuff you enjoy. The selection of panels was also pretty impressive, considering I was at the convention for three days and there always seemed to be an interesting panel going on, regardless of the day and time. Another positive at the convention was the quality cosplay that was peppered throughout the convention center all three days. The cosplay sets added a nice bonus to the cosplay experience as well.

I am not attending day four of Anime Expo, so this will be the last I write of the 2015 convention. I am glad I was able to attend, it was a great time all the way through.

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Photos courtesy of Breanne Evans. Feel free to share photos, but please give credit to



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