Fragglepuss Anime Review 65.2: Tokyo Ghoul √A (Season Two)


Tokyo Ghoul √A

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Drama, Supernatural, Psychological, Ghouls vs Humans

First aired: Winter 2015, 12 episodes. This is a review focused on season two of Tokyo Ghoul.

Summary: For those of you that have not watched season one, it can be described as the following:

Tokyo is a seemingly normal city, except it is infested by human-like ghouls that survive off of consuming human flesh. Besides that little snafu, ghouls and humans can hardly be told apart, unless the ghoul becomes irate and physical changes occur in their body. As humans tend to be scared of what is different, and of what eats them, a special task force has been put in place to eliminate the ghoul population. One day, a seemingly-normal college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an enthusiastic reader like him, at the coffee shop he regularly frequents. The rest of his life is about to change based on this chance encounter.

Season two continues to follow Kaneki, the “good” ghouls, the “bad” ghouls, and the humans as the problems between the groups continue to build. Kaneki’s old crew is not sure why he is making his current decisions and attempt to deal with the new Kaneki, while other ghouls are reeking havoc on human kind and ghoul kind alike. Meanwhile, the humans fear for their own safety and are out for ghoul blood, regardless of whether the ghoul is friend or foe.

Season two of Tokyo Ghoul continues to have memorable characters that develop as the season progresses. The season continues with the same animation style as season one. The violence is also nothing new. Once again the violence is apparent, but the more gruesome parts are censored to be kind to those that do not do well with the gore. I do wish there was a “censored” and an “uncensored” version of the anime, to allow the anime to be seen in its original form, but that is a minor detail to me at this point. I enjoyed the complexity of the ghouls and humans in this series, meaning the way there were several factions of ghouls as well as different beliefs in the humans. This left me unsure of which group was the “good” guys and which was the “bad” guys, which I feel is more believable. Each group had its own reason for acting the way it did, and each truly believed they were doing what was right.

You might enjoy this if: You are ready to change sides of who you are rooting for as more and more facts come to light.

You might not like it if: You are sensitive to violence, gore, and the horror genre. While season two does not seen as violent as season one of Tokyo Ghoul, the gore is still there.

Note to the Viewer: Do not fret because of the numerous questions raised in the first couple episodes, answers are given by the end of the season.


Here’s my review of Tokyo Ghoul season one


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