Review of Bride of the Water God (Manga)


Bride of the Water God (Manga)

Review By: Lindsay Evans-Starke

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Romance

Original Run: 2006 – Ongoing

Volumes: 23

Summary: Soah is a beautiful girl from a small village by the sea that has been suffering from a drought. Unfortunately for Soah, the only way to end the drought is for the village to sacrifice a beautiful young girl to the water god, Habaek. Of course, being the prettiest girl in the village, Soah is chosen to be this sacrifice and she is pushed out in a boat into the middle of the sea. Instead of the watery death she was expecting, Soah is rescued by Habeak and brought to his kingdom.

This story follows Soah as she adapts to her new life in a land of gods and monsters, as well as diving into the mystery of Habeak and his curse.

You might enjoy this if: You are a fan of a good romance. There are all the elements of a wonderful and intriguing love story. The Bride of the Water God is not your run-of-the-mill manga romance. I found this story to be much more adult than most manga. The art work is absolutely beautiful in every cell. This may be the prettiest manga I have ever read. It is also a bit different because it is a Korean manga, which adds a bit of diversity to your manga collection.

You might not enjoy this if: You do not like romance. Although it is more of an adult romance, it is still littered with giggly girl moments of kissing and lovey-dovey stuff.

Note to the Reader: This is a Korean manga, so it reads like English text. I am so used to Japanese manga that it took me by surprise!



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