Fragglepuss Anime Review 51: Blast of Tempest / Zetsuen no Tempest with Expanded Review from SLC Anime


Blast of Tempest / Zetsuen no Tempest

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Action, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Psychological, Dueling Trees

First aired: Fall 2012, 24 episodes.

Summary: The sorceress princess of the Kusaribe clan is stuffed into a barrel and banished. A high school girl is suddenly murdered by an unknown person. Two magic trees, the Tree of Genesis and the Tree of Exodus, battle each other, threatening to take over the world in different ways. This is only the beginning.

Blast of Tempest has good ideas and decent writing, but lost my interest with the incredibly slow story progression and drawn out dialogue. Explanations of explanations and single scenes that lasted longer than an episode were a common occurrence.

You might enjoy this if: You have patience and like to have everything explained in great detail.

You might not like it if: You want a story to progress at a decent pace.

Note to the Viewer: Blast of Tempest feels like you are watching a book. It explains everything as if you are just listening to it, not watching.


There were mixed reviews about the battles, some people saying there was too much conversation followed by too short of a battle. Others thought the importance of the battle was in the conversation, a “Logic Battle”, so to speak. Speaking of conversation, a common comment was regarding how slow the story progressed, a prime example being the scene of the princess trying to get transported off the island…A scene that lasted about five episodes! The series could have been tighter with less explanation. There was super explanation for every possible circumstance, which resulted in poor pacing. On top of that, there were slow pans throughout these extended scenes to make it seem like something was happening, where there was nothing but drawn out explanations. There were mixed reviews regarding the characters. Some people enjoyed the characters while others did not connect with the characters, believing many were pointless or became pointless halfway through the series.

There was a fresh take on magic in the series, with people having to use talismans to create magic, and the talismans could be used by pretty much anyone with the proper knowledge. The animation was another positive aspect of the series. The last positive comment that was mentioned by several group members was regarding how the series drew on Shakespeare in many ways. For example, throughout the series there are several mentions comparing Hamlet and The Tempest. In other words, if you are familiar with Shakespeare, there are several parts that may interest you.



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