Fragglepuss Anime Review 50: Kite and Kite Liberator


Kite and Kite Liberator

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Police, Assassins

First Released: Kite, Winter 1998, 45-minute film. Kite: Liberator, Spring 2008, 60-minute film.

Summary of Kite: Sawa is a school girl assassin who is being controlled by a corrupt cop who gives her targets to kill. The cop gives Sawa a promise of revenge for her murdered parents. A teenage boy named Oburi is brought in to assist Sawa, and the two teenage killers form a bond. They begin to dream of a life away from the control of others and free from assassination. It is not as easy as one might think to leave this world.

Summary of Kite Liberator: Set ten years after “Kite”, there is the angel of death, who is another young assassin. She kills her victims, leaving her calling card before disappearing into the night. On the other side, Monaka is a seemingly normal high school student, whose father is conducting research in outer space. Her father loves her and sends her a gift every year for her birthday.

Besides the name and involving a young, female assassin, there is not a lot of similarity between Kite and Kite Liberator. Kite is set in a time that appears to be similar to the present day, with a few technological advances. Kite Liberator is set in a sci-fi time full of advanced technology. The characters are different in the two films.

Both of these films are under an hour in length and it shows. It is difficult for the films to show character progression and tell a well-paced story. Everything in the two anime is rushed, and the result is that I did not care about the characters in the way that I would if there was more time to get to know them.

My favorite part of Kite would have to be the guns used by the assassins. They are some sort of future gun that has exploding bullets. However, the bullets do not explode on impact, they explode a few seconds after impact. As for Kite Liberator, my favorite part is the ending, even though it would have been better if the film was longer. I also found it interesting that the two films came out almost ten years apart. You can tell the difference in animation, with Kite being animated in a 1990s style, and Liberator being animated in with a more recent style.

You might enjoy this if: You want to start and finish an anime series in one sitting.

You might not like it if: Graphic violence is not your thing. There is a lot of blood and assassination carnage.

Note to the Viewer: Apparently there is an overly sexual version of Kite. The regular version is 45 minutes long, so make sure to find that one.



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