Fragglepuss Anime Review 46: Durarara!! with Expanded Review from SLC Anime



Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Mystery Rider

First aired: Winter 2010, 24 episodes

Summary: Tokyo was full of gangs identified by colors until the police cracked down on them, due to their dangerous nature. There is an urban legend of the existence of a headless “Black Rider” who is said to drive a black motorcycle through the city streets.

Ryuugamine Mikado had lived away from the city as a child but moves to Tokyo and meets up with his childhood friend while in high school. On his first day in the city he sees the Black Rider. This is only the beginning of the supernatural events that he starts witnessing in the city. Gangs are starting to become more influential throughout the city, and their numbers are growing.

Durarara!! is full of memorable characters. The opening even introduces them all. Shizuo is ridiculous in such a good way. There is character development throughout the season which left me changing my mind about several of the characters. The music is memorable in this series. There are several genres of music played, each of them adding to the experience of the show.

You might enjoy this if: You want a world of fantasy mixed with reality.

You might not like it if: Tokyo-inspired gang wars are not your thing.

Note to the Viewer: Durarara!! will surprise you time and time again with its secrets.


The music/soundtrack of the anime was mentioned repeatedly as a positive. The group enjoyed the diversity of the soundtrack and felt that it added to the show. There are some group members that have been to Japan and they noticed that the show was surprisingly accurate when it came to locations. The complexity and depth of the story and characters was another positive aspect of the show. Although there were a lot of characters, there was development for the majority of them, and there was a feeling of investment. The last thing brought up that got a nod from some of the members was the references to other anime that came up throughout the series.

There were mixed reviews about the animation. The background characters were mainly “grey people”, which were animated in nothing but grey. Some group members liked that, feeling that it helped to focus attention on the main characters. Other members felt that it was cheap to show grey people so often.



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