Review of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Manga)


The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Manga)

Review By: Lindsay Evans-Starke

Genre: Horror

Original Run: 2002 – Present

Volumes: 17

Summary: This manga is based around the exploits of five Buddhist College graduates who have been brought together by their unique supernatural skills. These individuals and their skills combine to form the ultimate dream team to communicate with the dead. Their skills include: A hacker extraordinaire, a master embalmer, an alien channeler, a man who can find dead bodies with a pendulum, and a man who can allow dead bodies to talk through him when he touches them. You think the special talents would help these kids find amazing jobs, but it does the exact opposite. They are all outcasts at the Buddhist College, with their career prospects not looking good.

One day they all meet up on the outskirts of a forest to help with the annual “retrieval of the suicide bodies”, because community service will look good on their resumes. Fortunately for our team of misfits, this chance meeting sets the wheels of fate in motion as they find the body of a man whose final wish is to be reunited with the love of his life. With the use of all their skills combined, and after quite a morbid series of events, they are able to reunite the man with his love. With this success the team finds purpose in life working together to form The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

This manga follows the team as they find new dead bodies and try to fulfill the last wish of the deceased. As you will read, this never goes smoothly.

You might enjoy this if: You love the horror genre, especially zombies. This is by far one of the freakiest manga I have read. I could not read this with the lights off. You know you are in for a scary treat when right off the bat the author tells you his inspiration for the story was to have zombies portrayed in a way that is not wimpy and pretty looking, like how modern zombies are portrayed. This is a must read manga for horror enthusiasts.

You might not enjoy this if: You do not like gory/morbid storylines or artwork. There is some awful stuff that has happened to the poor dead bodies they are trying to help, and it starts from body number one. The artwork follows the story. There is nothing left to the imagination. If you do not like the horror genre, this might not be the best manga to get into it.

Note to the Reader: This is NOT a manga for young people. This is most definitely, positively, absolutely a manga for adults. There are very graphic scenes and the content is mature in nature. This is also not the best manga to read in a public place where someone might see the imagery over your shoulder. I found this out after a very awkward encounter at the airport.



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