Fragglepuss Anime Review 6: Silver Spoon / Gin no Saji

silver spoon 01

Silver Spoon / Gin no Saji

Review By: John Fragglepuss Evans

Genre: Educational, Slice of Life, School, Farming, Fish out of Water

First aired: 1st season, Summer 2013, 11 episodes. 2nd season, Winter 2014, 11 episodes.

Summary: Yugo Hachiken enrolls in an agricultural high school to escape his normal city life. He figured that the agricultural high school would be easy and that he would have nothing to worry about. He quickly finds out that life on a farm is not as easy as he thought. He’s waking up at the crack of dawn, he’s doing manual labor, he’s doing jobs and homework that he has never even heard of. He is foreign to everything about farm life and has to learn from the very beginning. It’s a funny show because he was considered to be intelligent back home, but he looks so stupid on the farm.

You might enjoy this if: You are in the search of a quality anime that shows character development and leaves you wanting more. I did not particularly enjoy slice of life anime before watching Silver Spoon, but now I am searching for more and more.

You might not like it if: You are looking for a lot of action or off the wall comedy.

Note to the Viewer: You don’t have to enjoy farming to enjoy Silver Spoon. Also, it might turn you into a vegetarian.

silver spoon 02


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