This Weekend in Utah Roller Derby: 8/25/12 – 8/26/12

By: John “Fragglepuss” Evans

What a weekend for Utah Derby! There were four bouts that occurred over the Wasatch Front on Saturday and Sunday. Without further ado, let’s recap.

The Junction City Roller Dolls (#33 WFTDA West Region) of Ogden started off their double-header with a WFTDA-sanctioned bout against the Choice City Rebels (#30 WFTDA West Region) from Fort Collins, Colorado. Choice City started off strong but was unable to maintain the momentum as Junction City took the lead in the first half and held on for dear life. Choice City mounted a few comebacks throughout the second half, coming very close to taking over the lead with less than ten minutes remaining in the bout. Junction City was able to fend off the Choice City advances and upset the Rebels. Congratulations to Junction City on the win. The final score: Junction City 135 Choice City 99.

Junction City finished off their double-header with their home team championship. The defending champion Hilltop Aces took on the Railway Banditas. The Railway Banditas were short-stacked with a roster of only eight skaters, some of them skating in their second bout of the evening. Both teams started the bout with a lot of drive to win the championship, but the Hilltop Aces were able to gain a 68 point lead by halftime. The Banditas fought hard in the second half, but the Aces were able to maintain a lead until the end with the help of Malibu Harpy and Pickle’s jamming. The Hilltop Aces win the home team championship for the second year in a row. Final score: Hilltop Aces 126 Railway Banditas 73.

Heading down to Utah county, the WFTDA-Apprentice Happy Valley Derby Darlins’ home teams, the Sirens of Steel and the Rollin’ Rebellion, went head-to-head in the Roller Hive of Spanish Fork that has become quite the derby home for HVDD. As the bout was also on Saturday night, and I did not have a time-turner at my disposal, I turn to Horatio Pain of HVDD for a recap:

“Happy Valley’s home teams met up to in a highly anticipated match up. The Rebels’ have lost a few of their veteran skaters to injuries and pregnancies (it is Utah County after all) and both teams had quite a few ‘fresh meat’ making their debut.   The bout began with a strong  performance from Rebel jammer Hipknock-it Therapy and the Rebels took a quick 11-0 lead.  The first half saw a few lead changes but at the end of the first half the Sirens were up 57-39. The rebels came back strong in the second half and were within 4 points of catching the Sirens.  Two strong jams from Siren of Steel Killer Rose dashed those hopes and the Sirens ended on the top of a 126-86 bout. While all the skaters deserve credit for their hard work, there are a few that specifically should be called out.  Break-her made her first appearance in a bout since a broken leg forced her off skates.  Flower bomb was finally able to get her shot on the track. Her dedication to the league during a prolonged injury kept the league moving forward, and it was great to see her hard work pay off as she took her spot on the track.  This game may be Bon Bon’s last bout as she goes in for surgery which is likely to force her off skates for at least the rest of the season and we want to wish her a speedy recovery”.

Final score: Sirens of Steel 121 Rollin’ Rebellion 86.

Fast-forward to Sunday morning and the Choice City Rebels traveled to Salt Lake City to battle Wasatch Roller Derby’s B-team, the Bonneville Bone Crushers at the unearthly hour of 10am. Choice City was not interested in losing a second bout of the weekend. They took the lead to begin the bout. Wasatch came back and took the lead for a large part of the first half with Clam Jammer, Vishus Trollop, and Bunz Bunny jamming. Choice City was able to break a cold streak with several high scoring jams to finish off the first half. Both teams were in penalty trouble for most of the bout, with micro-packs littering the track and the penalty box keeping full. One skater for Wasatch and two skaters for Choice City fouled out of the bout. Choice City kept a small lead for the second half and came out with the victory. Final score: Choice City Rebels 129 Wasatch’s Bonneville Bone Crushers 90.

All three of these Utah leagues, Wasatch’s Bonneville Bone Crushers, the Junction City Roller Dolls’ Trainwrecks, and the Happy Valley Derby Darlins’ Molly Morbids will be traveling to Boise, Idaho this Labor Day weekend for the Spudtown Knockdown 3 Tournament. They will be playing with leagues from Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, Montana, and Oregon. The bouts will be broadcast on More on Spudtown later this week as I interview the Tournament Director, CandyMan.

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