Cheers to Roller Derby!

By: John “Fragglepuss” Evans

Roller Derby can be a selfish sport. It is full of “My way or the highway” and “I’m the most important person on the track” attitudes. It is natural for Roller Derby to attract these types of people because it is a very passionate and dedicated sport. People are paying to play the sport instead of professional sports that are the other way around. When people are paying or volunteering for a product, they want their voice heard. That being said, I would like to switch directions and throw out some thanks to some of the people that help make this fantastic sport possible.

Thanks go out to all the skaters that spend their time and money to better their skills and give us all a very entertaining sport to watch. None of this would be possible without these dedicated skaters. There are multiple levels of dedication but there is common ground in these skaters enjoying what they do and being passionate about Roller Derby. Thanks to the skaters and leagues that are inventing new strategy to help the sport become more competitive and more professional. I could into detail on thanking team captains, travel teams, all-star teams, home teams, and many others. I really cannot give enough thanks to the skaters, but I just want them all to know that I really appreciate what they do.

Thanks go out to the referees and all the officials that also dedicate so much to making Roller Derby possible. The refs receive little love out on the track, but I hope that we all show our appreciation for their dedication to ensuring that the skaters are playing safe and by the rules. The refs are the guardian angels of the track, minimizing the possibility for skater injuries with their black and white wings of glory billowing on the inside and outside of the track. Thanks refs for keeping our skaters safe.

Thanks to all the fans for showing love to Roller Derby. Fans are often overlooked, but they are such an important aspect of Roller Derby. Their cheers and appreciation for the skaters help the skaters feel pride in what they’re dedicating so much of their time to. The fans show the skaters that their hard work is paying off and they are loved. Don’t forget that most of us started out as fans and we are all fans now. Thank you to all the fans for your support of Roller Derby.

Much love to all the announcers out there. An often overlooked position, the announcer works hard to keep the crowd informed on the bout and to satisfy sponsors. The announcer is generally ignored by skaters and officials during a bout due to the fact that they have more important matters at hand, but let’s not forget that the announcer is adding to the atmosphere of the bout, which helps the fans want to come to another bout. Just as watching another sport on TV is not the same with the sound turned off, Roller Derby is not the same without the announcer. Thank you announcers for kicking Roller Derby up a notch.

Thanks to all of the people helping Roller Derby on a national level. This includes those that help WFTDA, those that organize tournaments, the media that informs the nation with current Derby news, and everyone else that is helping the sport grow nationally and internationally. Thanks to all of you that are helping the sport run smoothly and those of you that are helping the world learn about Derby. Thank you for making Roller Derby evolve and for giving us our fix for Derby addiction.

Thanks to all the volunteers that make everything Derby possible. Thanks to the Academy, it’s an honor just to be nominated for such a prestigious award. Thank you to the coaches for telling the skaters what to do. Thanks to the league owners for keeping order in the hell-fire chaos that league members can create. Thanks to supportive spouses that let their loved ones be so obsessed with Derby. In short, thanks to everyone that has helped make this sport what it is today.

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2 Responses to Cheers to Roller Derby!

  1. Trauma Girl 9-1-1 says:

    And thank you makers of Ibuprofen, Ace wrap, Band-aids and ziplock bags to hold the ice. 😀


    • fragglepuss says:

      Spoken like a true medic! How could I forget the medics? I apologize for being so awful. SUPER thanks to the medics for taking care of the injured skaters. It is a job that is often overlooked until a skater is injured, and then we couldn’t be more grateful for them. Medics rock!


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