Fragglepuss’s Rankings Comparison in the West

By: John “Fragglepuss” Evans

Current Rankings

                           WFTDA    FTS         Derbytron

Oly                         1              4              1

Rocky                    2              5              5

Rose                      3              1              2

Denver                    4              2              3

Rat                         5              6              4

Bay Area                6              3              6

Sacred                   7              8              10

Angel                     8              10           14

Jet                         9              12           12

Arizona                 10           9              9

Tucson                  11           19           18

Silicon                   12           18           17

Slaughter County    13          17           11

Emerald                 14           20           21

Wasatch                15           11           8

Terminal                 16           13           13

Santa Cruz             17           16           19

Pikes Peak            18           15           16

Sin City                 19           14           15

Victorian                UR          7              7

Fragglepuss’s Ranking of the West

1-      Rose – Close wins against Windy and Texas out of region. They beat up on Steel City and Houston out of region. They lost to Gotham last weekend (out of region). They have only played Denver in the West and beat them by a few points. They play Sacred this weekend as a 2nd Quarter finale. Looks like Rose is the new force to be reckoned with in the West with how they’ve played against other top teams in the nation. As with some other teams though, they seem to have caught the disease of playing out of region teams almost exclusively.

2-      Denver – Won against Philly and Kansas and lost to Gotham out of region. They beat Rocky and Bay Area and lost to Rose in the West. Denver is a force in the West and deserves to be in the soup for one of the top rankings in the West.

3-      Bay Area – They got crushed by Denver, but they beat Rocky and Rat. It annoys me that they have only played 3 bouts since September 25th of last year, but at least the three bouts have all been against top-notch teams.

4-      Rocky – Beat up on Rage City, Treasure Valley, and Angel, squeaked out a win against Arizona, and lost in close bouts against Bay Area and Denver. They’ve been busy this quarter and shown why they’re a part of the Top-of-the-West club.

5-      Rat – Beat Tampa Bay and Naptown out of Region and beat Terminal City and Angel in the West. They lost in a nail-biter to Bay Area. Good team.

6-      Oly – Beat up on Naptown and Tampa Bay. Good job, but considering they’re getting ranked against other teams in the West and have only played Dockyard from the West this Quarter, they haven’t shown anything of worth. I almost forgot, they’re playing brand new WFTDA member Sac City this weekend… Oly seems scared to play top-level teams in its own region ever since they lost some of their key skaters. Prove me wrong Oly, I would love to see where you stand in the West.

7-      Arizona – They beat up on Silicon and Tucson. They squeaked out a win against Steel City. They lost to Rocky and Boston. Their play this Quarter will most likely keep them in the top 10 in the West.

8-      Wasatch – They beat Pikes Peak, Angel, and Santa Cruz. They crushed Treasure Valley and Silicon. They have shown that they can compete in the second tier of the West’s top 10. Whether of not they will actually make it into the top 10 in the West is still out to lunch. They have done all that they can this Quarter by playing as many teams as would play them and beating them all. They actually played multiple teams from the West to prove their worth, which is more than some of these other teams can say.

9-      Angel – They beat Victorian, Sacred, and Tucson. They lost to Rocky, Wasatch, and Rat. It would appear that they are in the middle of the pack for the second tier of the top 10 in the West.

10-   Sacred – They lost to Angel by 6 points. What an exciting Quarter for Sacred… They play Rose this weekend. They have obviously not played enough to prove much this Quarter.

11-   Victorian – They lost to Angel but beat Pikes Peak and Silicon. They are a wildcard, but it is doubtful they will make the top 10 this Quarter since they have only played in one weekend of WFTDA bouts.

12-   Jet – They beat Tampa Bay and lost to Naptown. They have not played any teams in the West this Quarter which makes it hard to rank them. They appear scared to play other teams in their own region because it would expose them and show why they shouldn’t be in the top 10in the West.

Tuscon, Silicon, Slaughter County, and Emerald – They are ranked 11-14 in the WFTDA rankings, but have had poor or no performance this Quarter. Slaughter County will not even be eligible for WFTDA rankings as they have not played at all this Quarter. They are all bound to drop in WFTDA rankings.

The rankings for this are pretty straight forward, so stick with me through this:

#1 Rose beat #2 Denver

#2 Denver beat #3 Bay Area and #4 Rocky

#3 Bay Area beat #4 Rocky

#4 Rocky lost to #2 Denver and #3 Bay Area

#5 Rat lost to #3 Bay Area and haven’t proven much else

#6 Oly hasn’t proven much this Quarter

#8 Wasatch beat #9 Angel

#9 Angel lost to #5 Rat and #8 Wasatch, but beat #10 Sacred

#10 Sacred lost to #9 Angel

#11 Victorian lost to #9 Angel by more than #10 Sacred did

#12 Jet hasn’t proven anything in the West this Quarter

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2 Responses to Fragglepuss’s Rankings Comparison in the West

  1. Mathemortician says:

    “#7 Arizona beat #9 Angel”
    Actually, AZRD and Angel City haven’t played. They play later this year on 10/27.


  2. fragglepuss says:

    I must of been high on something because I thought they had already played. The post has been updated to reflect the “non-play”


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